When your dishwasher isn’t washing, and your stove isn’t so hot, don’t give it a thought - call Alliston Appliance Repair!



You got it, we install it. It breaks, we fix it.

Gas & Heating

Don’t risk fixing this stuff yourself; it can be dangerous!

BBQ Gas Lines

Alliston Appliance Repair specializes in both residential and commercial BBQ gas line installations.

Kitchen Stove & Oven Repair

Smell a strange odour coming from your stove? You may have a natural gas leak.

Washing Machine & Clothes Dryer

Are your clothes taking twice as long as it should to dry? Is your washer or dryer really loud?

Water Purification, Water Softener, & Filtering

Is your water making your hair like straw? Does your tap water have a weird after-taste?

who is alliston appliance repair

who are we

Alliston Appliance Repair is a local business to Alliston, Ontario and has been around for over ten years and is privately owned. Darrin Shaw, the owner of Alliston Appliance Repair, has a passion for everything gas, heating, and water purification. He can fix just about anything that’s put in front of him but loves seeing his customers go from frantic and frustrated to relieved, grateful, and back to their normal routine. Darrin is a father of two and knows how something so small as a broken stove or dryer can affect a whole household. Darrin also understands the struggle of finding a trustworthy repairman who won’t overcharge while being reliable, professional, and efficient. Alliston Appliance Repair your go-to business for anything appliance, gas and heating, or water purification related.

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