Should I Get My Appliance Fixed?

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Should I get my appliance fixed?

Should I Get My Oven, Stove, Washer, Dryer Fixed?

Should I get my appliance fixed?

Yes. If you’re even considering doing so, you should. Procrastinating getting your appliances looked at not only can be self sabotaging but it can also be risky.  You may think if it doesn’t affect you right now, then there’s no need to do anything about it. Out of sight out of mind. You may think you can use alternatives or put up with the lower level of production from your appliances.

Warning Signs Of Appliance Problems

  • Does your stove smell?

  • Washer too loud?

  • Dryer taking forever to dry?

  • Sparks coming from appliances?

  • Appliance warm for a prolonged period?

  • BBQ not lighting properly?

  • Dizziness while stove top is turned on?

  • Any smoke (except from BBQ when in use)?

Get a quote or ask questions about your appliance problems

When Should I Get My Oven, Stove, Washer, Dryer Looked At?

When appliances make weird noises, smells, sounds, don’t overlook or ignore these issues. If your appliances aren’t working like they should, don’t be that person who hesitates. Call somebody for repairs. It could save your life. Appliances are dangerous and can lead to serious injury or death if problems aren’t solved.

What Happens If I don’t Get My Oven, Stove, Washer, Dryer Fixed?

Some people procrastinate getting their appliances dealing with appliance problems. We understand you might see it as a hassle, another expense, or something that can wait. We advise changing your outlook and become proactive. After all, you work so hard. The amount of sacrifice and determination you endure to afford a home and everything in it, shouldn’t be squandered because of negligence. 

It’s only natural to procrastinate.  We’re all guilty of it. We often tell ourselves things like:

“I’ll get gas tomorrow on the way to work”, or “The gym can wait until Monday.” The difference is none of these delays will result in serious harm and destruction, like putting off appliance repairs.

Whether it’s due to stress, anxiety, lack of time, lack of a deadline, or hope the problem will just go away, It never turns out well. You end up late, feeling worse, and produce low quality of work. Procrastinating can be a dangerous game that produces life altering situations.

What Should I do if I Have a Gas Leak?

Don’t risk fixing this stuff yourself; it can be dangerous! Gas leaks can cause serious damage to your property and surrounding homes if not dealt with properly. They can cause an explosion and start fires capable of major destruction and serious health problems. They can come from a variety of places, including: Propane tank, barbeques, stoves, gas fireplaces, generators, and furnaces. Don’t be hesitant to get anything that could potentially be a gas issue looked at. If you have a gas bbq and aren’t certain about how to unhook the gas, ask Alliston Appliance Repair

Appliances that emit gas can release dangerous carbon monoxide if they are not properly vented. Without effective venting, carbon monoxide can build up inside a home and potentially kill those inside. You should equip your home with a carbon monoxide alarm that will alert you to dangerous levels of this potentially lethal gas.

Can My Appliances Catch On Fire?

The most common appliances that can ignite a fire and therefore most dangerous appliances are stoves, ovens, toasters, washing machines, clothes dryers

Clothes dryers present the dual threat of potential fires. Always make certain to keep the lint trap free of excess contaminants to avoid the start of a fire.

Improperly wired appliances can cause shorts and sparks that lead to fire. Although, these problems usually cause a fuse to blow or breaker to trip, in some situations this will not prevent a fire. Space heaters present another fire threat. Electric or gas space heaters can ignite any flammable items left too close to them. Keep space heaters at least three 3 feet away from boxes, clothing, drapes, paper, or anything else that could burn, and never leave space heaters running in an unoccupied room.

Can My Appliance Give Me an Electric Shock?

Electricity can be just as dangerous as gas or fire. Some shocks can be fatal. This is most likely with appliances that feature exposed heating coils such as space heaters and toasters. Any electric appliance with a worn or broken cord also can deliver a shock.

Where To Get Your Appliance Fixed?

Now that you know of the warning signs and potential harm your appliances can cause you and your home, it’s time to get them checked out.

Alliston Appliance Repair wants to ensure that your appliances aren’t just working properly but aren’t a risk of causing any unfortunate accidents.

How Much Does It Cost to Fix a Stove, Oven, Washer, Dryer?

Here are some estimated costs and average appliance life expectancy. Darrin Shaw, owner of Alliston Appliance Repair, will give a fair and honest quote and answer all questions.

Oven/Stove: $100+ (17 years)

Washer: $50-$350 (10 years)

Dryer: $200-$400 (15 years)

BBQ Natural gas line hookup: $200 (8 years)

Reverse Osmosis (Water Purification): $150-$800

A locally proud business in Alliston, Ontario, Alliston Appliance Repair has been helping the community with their appliance problems for over ten years. Darrin does great work and never overcharges. He has a passion for everything gas, heating, and water purification. He can fix just about anything that’s put in front of him but loves seeing his customers go from frantic to grateful, and back to their normal routine. Darrin is a father of two and knows how something so small as a broken stove or dryer can affect a whole household. He also understands the struggle of finding a trustworthy repairman who won’t overcharge while being reliable, professional, and efficient. If you run into any issues, Alliston Appliance Repair is your go-to business for anything appliance, gas and heating, or water purification related.

Also, Alliston Appliance Repair understands that maintenance repair isn’t covered in retirement communities and would like to offer a 10% Senior discount to help ease the inconvenience.

Even if it seems like a small problem or just a minor inconvenience, it could have major implications on your health and house. Better safe than sorry. Don’t be someone who postpones and ignores getting things fixed properly. You may think it can wait or that it will go away, but most of the time, appliance problems need immediate attention. It could save your house, wallet, and your life.

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